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We are Professional Movers In Qatar

Whatever the size and nature of your house move, Pack N Move can provide a comprehensive, quality service expertly tailored to your needs.

The Right Removal Service In

Every home removal is different, so the first step is to contact us to talk through the best way forward for you. We will listen to you and put together a custom-made removals plan that suits your needs, your budget and your timetable. We will cover all the bases. We will also be able to supply you with packing boxes and materials, in case you want to do your own packing. The earlier you speak to us about your move the better – Click here to contact us through WhatsApp.

Professional Relocation Company In Qatar

You pick the location, we will take care of the rest

  1. Packing and moving On your agreed moving day a qualified Surveyor will arrive at your home fully appraised of the agreed moving plan. He’ll talk you through the plans for the day, and his skilled team will efficiently and expertly pack up all your belongings in the right order, ready for a safe move. Read More
  2. Unpacking And Aftercare Once at your new home we will carefully unpack each box and item of furniture and make sure it’s placed in the right room. You can stay in control of the process and the team will make sure you’re completely happy with where everything is, before we gather up all their packing materials and take them off for recycling.Read More
  3. Storage Downsizing? Moving temporarily into a rental? If you don’t have quite enough space for everything when you move in, and need a bit of extra storage space during or after the move, we offer a convenient, secure service that represents exceptional value for money. Read More


Save time and money on your office removals. We have an expert team with many years of experience in Office moves. A Professional Business Relocation Means Limited Disruption to Your Employees and the Business



At Professional Piano Movers, we have the right tools and expertise up our sleeves to move your piano, No matter whether your piano is at 15th floor or in the basement, we can haul it through narrow stairs and can also find alternative paths to get the job done real fast.



The main problem in moving the tank is the filtration system. After a very few hours without a flow of oxygen-laden water, aerobic bacteria start to die. This means that if you are moving a short distance it may be possible to preserve your bacteria colony.

Pest Control & Cleaning Before Move In

We arrange pest control team and cleaning service before you move into your new house.

Clean After Move In

We can arrange a cleaning service after you move in to the house